Nine stars in men’s Rink Hockey final, like at home

July 14, 2019

Nine men's Rink Hockey stars, between Argentina and Portugal that play or have played at FC Barcelona, will be at the final this Sunday (6:00 pm) in Palau Blaugrana. Seven players, a coach and an assistant have a present or a past at Barça, so they will play at home, as the Barça pavilion is or has been theirs for many years.

José Luis Negro Páez, who played thirteen seasons at Barça and won 41 titles, as well as other five men from the Argentine national team have a present or a past with Barça. For Pablo Álvarez, who has been in the Barcelona club for eight seasons, and Matías Pascual, who has completed the sixth, the Palau Blaugrana is his current home. But in the Argentine team there are three other players who went through FC Barcelona: David Cachi Páez, Reinaldo Nalo Garcia and Lucas Ordóñez. The youngest of the Páez brothers, 42, also played thirteen seasons in Barça, with which he won 45 titles, Reinaldo García did so for six, and Ordóñez remained three courses in the Barça team before leaving in 2018 to Benfica.

Apart from the five players and the coach, in the Argentine team there is another man with a career related to Barça. This is Ramon Riverola, who for 16 seasons was the physical trainer of the first team of FC Barcelona and now part of the technical staff of José Luis Páez.

But also in the selection of Portugal there are two Barça players: Joao Rodrigues, who has lived his first season at the club azulgrana and is on his way to a second course, and Helder Nunes, which was presented shortly before starting World Roller Games 2019 as the Barça club's big bet for the next four years.

They will not play the final, but this Sunday there will be four other men currently playing at Barça to play the bronze medal match with the Spanish team against France (Sergi Fernandez, Ignacio Alabart, Nil Roca and Pau Bargalló) and others two that at the time also militarized in the azulgrana team (Jordi Adroher and Edu Lamas).

PHOTO: S. Akimova/WRG

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