Palau Sant Jordi starts the Freestyle show this Friday

July 4, 2019

Palau Sant Jordi will start the spectacle of the World Roller Games from this Friday July 5th. The most emblematic venue of the event that until July 14th will turn Barcelona into the world capital of roller sports and skateboarding will fully breathe the atmosphere of the competition, with its neighboring facilities of the Olympic Anella Esplanade and the urban circuit of Parc de Montjuïc-Passeig del Migdia. These three venues will host this weekend the disciplines of Roller Freestyle, Scooter, Skateboarding and Downhill. 

Palau Sant Jordi will host Roller Freestyle, Scooter and Skateboarding competitions between July 5th and July 7th, and between July 11th and 14th will be the stage of the Artistic competition. In order to  host these three disciplines’ competitions, the venue has been divided into two parts, in which Park and Street circuits have been installed, and will later be dismantled to enable the stage for Artistic. 

The best Roller Freestyle (Park) world riders will be at Palau Sant Jordi. The Japanese Yuto Goto and the Latvian Nils Jansons are two of the great attractions of this discipline. The British Joe Atkinson and the Australian CJ Wellsmore also stand out in the men category. In regards the female category the ones that stand out the most are the Japanese Chihiro Azuma, the Spanish Mery Muñoz, the French Marion Derrien and the Latvian Liene Nulle. 

The British triple world champion Jordan Clark and his compatriot Dante Hutchinson, as well as the Australian Dylan Morrison and the Americans Jonmarco Gaydos and Cody Flom, all of them in the Park modality of WS-ISA Scooter World Championship will be the main participants in Scooter. In the World Street Finals, the Australian Juzzy Carter, the French Jonathan Perroni, Didine Terchague and Luca di Meglio as well as the Spaniards Luis Barrios and Pol Román are also in the elite of Street. 

In the modality of Skateboard, the Vert World Championship will be held at the Explanada de la Anella Olímpica and the Barcelona European Open (Street) in Palau Sant Jordi. In the BEO, stars such as Danny León and the Portuguese Gustavo Ribeiro have confirmed their presence. His compatriot Jorge Simoes, the Argentine Matías Dell Olio, the Frenchman Joseph Garbaccio and the Russian Egor Kaldikov complete the list of most outstanding riders. In the female category, stand out the Spanish Andrea Benítez and the Belarussians Evelien Boulliart and Héloise Wathelet. 

As for the Explanada de la Anella Olímpica, the Skateboard participants that will compete in the Vert World Championship will start arriving Friday 5th and Saturday 6th of July and will show on the Roller Freestyle exhibition on Sunday July 7th. Both competitions are available for free. In the latter you can see in action the Japanese Tekeshi Yasutoko, multiple champion of the X Games and current coach of the Japanese team.  

The Downhill competition from July 5th until the 7th will be held very close to Palau Sant Jordi, on the Parc de Montjuïc-Passeig del Migdia circuit. This scenario,  will later be the venue of the discipline of Alpine, from 9th to 12th of July, both Downhill and Alpino will be free of charge. 

PHOTOS: M. Casanova/N. Olano/WRG

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