Pan American Championships Bogotá 2018 decide American rink hockey qualifiers for WRG 2019

Dec. 11, 2018

The World Roller Games of Barcelona 2019 already knows the names of practically all the teams that are set to compete in the discipline of rink hockey with the conclusion of the Pan American Championships of Bogotá 2018.

The Argentine team at the event in Colombia was crowned champion after winning all the three categories that it will compete in at the WRG 2019, thereby booking its way to the Barcelona event with eleven tickets.

The four qualifying teams in the men’s senior category are Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Brazil, in that order. Argentina defeated Chile in the final (2-1), while Colombia comfortably beat Brazil (2-7) to settle for battling it out in the Intercontinental Championship in Barcelona. Argentina, Chile, Colombia will fight for the world title alongside Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and a representative from Africa that will be decided next February.

It was also the same podium result in the women’s senior category. The Argentine “Albiceleste” national team just managed to beat Chile (0-1) for the gold, while Colombia’s “Cafeteros” defeated the Brazilian “Verdeamarelha” national team (3-1) to win the bronze. Argentina and Chile will compete in Barcelona in the World Championship alongside six European teams: Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland, while Colombia will have the consolation of competing for the Intercontinental Championship thanks to the bronze it won in Bogotá.

The quota of American qualifiers in the men’s junior category also extends to four participants, with the USA also set to compete in Barcelona after playing in the consolation final. Argentina was once again the gold medal winner on the podium after defeating Chile in the final (4-0), while Colombia comfortably won the bronze against the USA (1-5). These four qualifiers will now go on to compete for the World Championship alongside Spain, Italy, Portugal and Germany.

The African championship, set to take place in February 2019, will be the last to grant passage to the WRG of Barcelona. Four qualifying places will be at play, all of which are in the men’s senior category. The winner will be allowed to compete for the World Championship, while the second- and third-placed teams will battle it out for the Intercontinental Championship and the fourth will play in the Challenger’s Championship alongside five rival teams from Asia.

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