Presenting the Park and Street circuits at Palau Sant Jordi

May 28, 2019

Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi will be one of the hubs of the World Roller Games 2019, hosting not only the Artistic competitions, but also the events for the disciplines of Skateboarding, Scooter and Roller Freestyle.

A great show is guaranteed thanks to the Park and Street circuits that the WRG 2019 organisation has specifically prepared for the occasion. The former will host Scooter and Roller Freestyle events, while the latter will be the setting for the Skateboarding and Scooter Street competitions.


A 1,200-m2 facility has been created by taking advantage of Palau Sant Jordi’s features and enhancing as much as possible the needs of the athletes set to participate. The design primarily aims to create a fast flowing park circuit with many lines of action so that riders can provide the best show possible.

The circuit comprises a combination of air modules, funboxes, spines and large quarters and fans will be able to enjoy very high reverse flips and tricks. It will also include grind modules adapted mainly to the needs of Roller Freestyle riders, as well as round railings at various angles and higher than usual.


The aim in this 1,000-m2 facility has been to provide a varied, highly technical combination of all the essential elements required in a street skatepark. A circuit highlighted by a variety of rails, hubbas and gaps to help athletes add a little extra creativity to their tricks in each area.

Another highlight is a central line with a big section containing two options (kinks and stair sets with descending rail) that will delight athletes who enjoy big modules with a bite. The variety of transfers and bidirectionality on both sides is similarly outstanding and we are all hoping to see many best tricks to get spectators jumping out of their seats.

Schedule and tickets

All the Park (Scooter and Roller Freestyle) and Street (Scooter and Skateboarding) events of the World Roller Games Barcelona 2019 will be held at Palau Sant Jordi between Friday 5 and Sunday 7 July. You can check the detailed schedule at this link.

Street tickets are now available online, while Park tickets will go on sale at 12pm on Friday 31 May.

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