Proactivanet, management tool for World Roller Games 2019

June 3, 2019

Proactivanet has been chosen as the tool to manage and provide support for the World Roller Games 2019, an event that will bring together the world championships of roller sports and skateboarding in Barcelona this July. The characteristics that make Proactivanet stand out from their competitors, agility and power, will also be literally reflected in this competition.

Proactivanet will provide its management tool for the Main Operations Centre (MOC) at the WRG 2019. The MOC’s role is to provide support for Management, Operational Committee, Executive Board and Operational Management Committee for coordination, resolution of incidents, communications and reports, preparation of meetings and risk management.

The key to doing this before, during and after the World Roller Games 2019 is the support provided by Proactivanet’s software as a tool for the resolution of incidents and a vehicle for communicating with management.

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