Qualified rink hockey teams for World Roller Games

March 12, 2019

With the conclusion of the African Rink Hockey Championship, the final continental event leading up to the World Roller Games, all the qualified national teams have now been announced for Barcelona 2019. The Rink Hockey discipline will be divided into three different competitions: World Championship (from 1st to 8th position), Intercontinental Championship (from 9th to 16th position) and Challenger’s Championship (from 17th position).

Each of these competitions will comprise two groups of four teams (three groups in the case of the Challenger’s Championship). The first phase will be played as a round-robin tournament.

Subsequently, as a new feature in this edition, a play-off match will be held between the two worst ranked teams in the World Championship (the fourth in each group) and the two best Intercontinental teams (the first two in each group). The winning teams of these clashes will qualify for the second phase of the World Championship (quarter finals, semi-finals and final) and the losers for the second phase of the Intercontinental Championship. These same play-offs will also be held between the worst ranked in the Intercontinental Championship and the best in the Challenger’s Championship.

The group draw for the WRG 2019 is scheduled for April. Pending their formal registration, these are the qualified teams in each competition:

World Championship

Men: Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Italy, Angola, Chile, Colombia and France

Women: Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Chile, Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland

Dates: From 7 to 14 July

Venues: Barcelona (Palau Blaugrana) and Vilanova i la Geltrú (CEM Isaac Gálvez)

Intercontinental Championship

Men: Mozambique, Switzerland, Andorra, Germany, Egypt, Australia, Brazil and England

Women: Colombia, India, Japan, China, England, Brazil and Mexico

Dates: From 7 to 13 July

Venues: Sant Cugat del Vallès (CEM Rambla Celler) and Vilanova i la Geltrú (CEM Isaac Gálvez)

Challenger's Championship

Men: Macao-China, Japan, India, China-Taipei, New Zealand, China, United States, Uruguay, Mexico, Austria, Netherlands and Belgium

Dates: From 7 to 13 July

Venue: Terrassa (La Maurina municipal sports centre)

U19 Category

The World Roller Games Barcelona 2019 will also host the World Championship and Intercontinental Championship in the U19 category, with the two competitions to be staged in Vilanova i la Geltrú. Both events will only be held in the men’s category on the days leading up to the WRG 2019, specifically from 29 June to 5 July.


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