Guaranteed fun at RollerLand during WRG 2019

June 10, 2019

RollerLand, a leisure area offering a wide range of activities aimed at the public and participating athletes, will be set up in the city of Barcelona during the World Roller Games 2019. The initiative will comprise various zones to make it the hub of the event and roller sports world.

RollerLand will be an enclosed area within the Olympic Esplanade with a total surface of 45,000 m2, right next to Palau Sant Jordi and the Olympic Stadium. This commercial, leisure area of the World Roller Games will help fans to enjoy and discover the world of roller sports in a special atmosphere and with a host of small-wheel related activities.

RollerLand aims to transmit and inspire a passion for the world of roller sports and unite its community. It will be an experiential space where the public will be able to relax and enjoy family activities related to our sports, as well as learn about products and services in its commercial and exhibition area of sector brands.

Entry to RollerLand will be free, inclusive and accessible to all people. All the competition events of the WRG 2019 will also be announced there with experiential activities for all types of people and ages.

Below are some of the main zones that will make up RollerLand:

- Meet Up: Food zone for relaxing and socialising where fans will also be able to view all the WRG 2019 action on giant screens, with food trucks available providing a wide variety of food options.

- The Stage: Area with video wall and also DJs and bands, among other attractions. The event’s main sponsors and partners will be highlighted on its stage area.

- Roll & Brand: Area for sponsors and exhibiting brands from the roller sports sectors and others. Brands will be able to display their products here and also stage sampling actions, public relations, experiential actions or sales of products and services. It will also have a merchandising space for the World Roller Games where the event’s brand and official products will be displayed.

- The Market: A large zone aimed at offering small format shopping where you will be able to find top brand shops in the roller sports sector and other similar sectors.

- Roller PlayPark: Experiential space to practice activities related to the 11 disciplines of the World Roller Games. It will have a Penalty Court (Rink Hockey/Inline Hockey); Street Plaza (Skateboarding/Roller Freestyle/Scooter) for the practice of skateboarding, inline skating and scooter, with several rows of modules set up; and Skate Rink for various activities, such as initiation Masterclasses of roller disciplines and RollerDance activities, for example.

- Urban Art: Exhibition area for graffiti-based urban art on various media, murals and surfaces. The space will also include introductory painting workshops to get you started in this art.

- WRG House: A zone hosting workshops, exhibitions, meet and greet and other activities.

- Vert: Vert Skateboarding competitions will take place here and also Roller Freestyle Jam Sessions.

Activities schedule:

4-7 July

11-14 July

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