Scooter stars qualify for WRG

May 23, 2019

The World Roller Games 2019 will include the World Skate-ISA Scooter World Championship, at which the world’s best scooter specialists will compete in their Park modality. By also staging the WRG World Street Final and WRG Jr Cup, Barcelona will once again be the host city for the final of the International Scooter Association (ISA) Scooter World Championship, as it has been over the past four years.

The ISA qualifying events have already been held in all the world’s regions (Europe, North America, Australia and Asia), as have each of their finals. The first ten qualifying riders in these latter events have therefore guaranteed their place at the WRG 2019.

Below is a list of the riders who have won their various ISA regional finals and will almost certainly be at Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona between 5 and 7 July.

European Regional Final

1. Jamie Hull
2. Jordan Hall
3. David Šenkýř
4. Bart Oskroba
5. Malte Blum
6. Dante Hutchinson
7. Soly Bloomfield
8. Timon Kunze
9. Isiah Samms
10. Jayden Sharman

North American Regional Final

1. Chris Farris
2. Nate Pena
3. Tyler Chaffin
4. Nolan Shoemaker
5. Nicholas Nelson
6. Hunter Schuetz
7. Clayton Lindley
8. Tristan Anderman
9. Cam Ward
10. Janwan Smith

Australasian Regional Final

1. Angus Hughes
2. Matty Ceravolo
3. Spencer Chermside
4. Billy Watts
5. Dylan Morrison
6. Kody Law
7. Angus Varney
8. Rhys Rogers
9. Dane Forbes
10. Zaik Chappell

The complete list of qualifying riders for the World Skate-ISA Scooter World Championship, which also includes other figures such as the current world champion, Jordan Clark, can be viewed at this link. The ISA has reserved 8 wildcards that it will grant on at a final competition event in Barcelona on 5 July.

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