Spain and Italy conquer European Artistic Championship

May 7, 2019

The European Show & Precision Championship 2019 has crowned the new continental kings of artistic skating. Held in the Italian town of Reggio Emilia, the clubs of the host country and Spain were the big winners of this competition, which included the categories of Large Groups, Small Groups, Quartets and Precision.

In the first, Club Patinatge Artístic Girona scored a tight victory over Italy’s Diamante, winning by only half a point with its “Bacterium” performance piece. The Royal Eagles completed the podium in Large Groups, with CPA Olot just missing out in fourth position.

Roma Roller Team won in Small Groups with its piece entitled “The Evolution of Medicine”, ahead of Spain’s CPA Gondomar and L’Aldea CP, second and third respectively.

Italy won another gold in Quartets thanks to Celebrity and its piece entitled “Piano Concerto No. 3”, followed by its compatriot club the Flying Girls, second, and the Catalan club Foment Cardoni, third.

Finally, in the Precision category, Germany’s Dream Team was the comprehensive winner, winning with “Battle-Cry” ahead of Italy’s Monza Precision Team and Sincro Roller.

Pending confirmation of their registering for the World Roller Games 2019, all these teams have managed to qualify for the World Championships and will most likely be in Barcelona next summer. Other European clubs are also set to compete with them, given that they all qualified for the WRG 2019 in this Reggio Emilia European Championship, as well as many others that had previously won their way through via the national championships of their respective countries.

European Show & Precision Championship 2019 – Rankings

Large Groups
1. CPA Girona (ESP)
2. Diamante (ITA)
3. Royal Eagles (ITA)

Small Groups
1. Roma Roller Team (ITA)
2. CPA Gondomar (ESP)
3. L’Aldea CP (ESP)

1. Celebrity (ITA)
2. Flying Girls (ITA)
3. Foment Cardoní (ESP)

1. Dream Team (GER)
2. Monza Precision Team (ITA)
3. Sincro Roller (ITA)

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