World Roller Games 2019 close with 140,000 spectators

July 14, 2019

The World Roller Games 2019 comes to an end this Sunday July 14th after 11 days of intense sporting activity. Moment to take stock of a major international event that has placed Barcelona at the global epicenter of roller sports.

In a press conference held at Palau Blaugrana, site of the final phase of the Rink Hockey World Championship, the organization of the WRG2019 has announced some of the key figures of the competition. Carmelo Paniagua, president of the Organizing Committee of the Barcelona World Roller Games 2019 and president of the Royal Spanish Skating Federation; Ramon Basiana, president of the Executive Committee of the World Roller Games; Mariano Soriano, general director of Sports of the Superior Council of Sports; Santi Siquier, responsible for Territorial Action of Sports of the Generalitat of Catalonia; and Marta Carranza, sports commissioner of the Barcelona City Council.

As they have explained, this second edition of the World Roller Games has had the participation of 4,120 athletes. In total, the number of accredited people between participants and national delegations was 8,979 people.

128 competitions of 11 roller sports’ disciplines have been held in 13 venues in Barcelona and four other cities, the total attendance was 140,000 spectators.

In terms of media coverage, 360 journalists have covered the competition for countries around the world. The television signal has been produced by the technical team of TV3 and Xarxa, which have had a technical team of 343 people.

The 750 volunteers, 68 judges, 291 members of World Skate and 1,126 people accredited by the local organization gives an idea of ​​the size of the World Roller Games. To transfer all these people, who have been accommodated in 80 hotels, there have been 28 buses on average every day and 500 trips have been made throughout the event. 


Carmelo Paniagua: "We make an absolutely positive assessment of these World Roller Games 2019. It is not easy to organize an event like this, but the image we have projected will be very difficult to overcome in the next editions."

Santi Siquier: "It will be one of the events that will leave a better memory. The excellent work done by the volunteers, as well as by the technical leaders of each discipline, is worth mentioning, thanks to the World Roller Games 2019, many people have discovered new sports and it has to be kept in mind for the future."

Ramon Basiana: "The most outstanding data of these World Roller Games 2019 are the 140,000 spectators that have attended all the disciplines, over the 120,000 that we had foreseen".

Mariano Soriano: "We must highlight the difficulty of organizing an event like this: It is a total success, it is clear that we put Spanish skating a point above where it was before starting these World Roller Games 2019. I also want to thank the collaboration and cohesion between public and private institutions".

Marta Carranza: "We have managed to be the world epicenter of the small wheel, Barcelona and Catalonia have been at the height of an event of these magnitudes, and success has been possible thanks to citizen participation, organizational experience and lived experience". 

FOTO: J. Monfort/WRG

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