World Roller Games 2019 volunteer campaign begins

Oct. 9, 2018

They are the main cornerstone upon which any large sports event is based. Without them, without volunteers, nothing would be possible. The World Roller Games Barcelona 2019 has now commenced the campaign to incorporate the essential members of its Roller Team. The event will require up to 1,800 people to provide support in all areas: sports, press, transport, accreditations, information services, provisions... Anyone can join the Roller Team, the only requirements are that you must be 16 years of age and over and have a desire to enjoy a unique experience.

Registrations to join the Roller Team have already begun at the event's website. Mercè Rueda and Marc Relat are two of the first people to have joined. At 57 years of age, Mercè has a lot of experience in the world of volunteering after having actively participated in events related to many sports, such as swimming, water polo or athletics. Her view has been shaped over the years and is clear: “You give up your time by volunteering, but you also gain the chance to learn about activities, sports, new people, go to new places… It provides you with many opportunities. It is not only about giving, but receiving too”.


Mercè practiced classic four-wheel roller skating during her childhood, but is more reserved today, despite remaining active through fun runs. She spares no praise for the eleven modalities that will showcase the WRG 2019: “I admire all roller skating sports because for me they are all very difficult. I particularly think that Inline Freestyle is amazing”.

More active today in roller skating is 22-year-old Marc Relat, who after trying his luck in alpine skiing now plays rink hockey for the Barcelona-based team Barcino, which competes in Catalonia’s second division. He has similarly taken the decisive step to join the Roller Team with another teammate and hopes that more people will sign up for the cause by July 2019.


“When I saw that Barcelona would host the 2019 World Roller Games, I didn’t hesitate to sign up because being a volunteer provides you with an opportunity to help others, but at the same time to enjoy an experience like this from the inside”, recalls Marc, who is thrilled with the ever approaching possibility of enjoying live “some small wheel sports that have been booming lately”.

The Barcelona venue obviously has a unique emotional charge for many volunteers. “The fact that it is our home city is a plus,” admits Marc, whose opinion is widely shared by Mercè: “We would all like Barcelona to become a reference point for any sport and for its name to be positively reinforced”. Her experience over the years means that her advice to people is that they “should not hesitate” when making the decision to join a sports project of this magnitude: “These types of experiences leave a mark in you”. In spite of his youth, Marc’s view is also clear: “It gives you many things and helps you in your personal growth”.

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