WRG 2019 creates synergies with clubs

July 19, 2018

The Organising Committee of the World Roller Games Barcelona 2019, comprising the Royal Spanish Roller Sports Federation (RFEP) and Catalan Roller Sports Federation (FCP), among other institutions, has begun promoting the “Club Campaign”, an initiative that seeks to strengthen clubs, bolster the link between the roller family and WRG and disseminate the eleven modalities present in an event that should mark a turning point in small wheel sport.

The Campaign kicked off in Tarragona and has also been carried out in Lleida. It is the beginning of a journey in which the WRG aim to travel hand in hand with clubs. After all, a total of 1,196 clubs were registered in Spain in 2017, 445 of which were in Catalonia. This fact indicates the excellent health of small wheel sports, comparable to other mass sports and on the brink of the WRG in Barcelona.

Carmelo Paniagua: “A great opportunity for all clubs”

There is full consensus within the WRG 2019 Organising Committee on the need for a fluid relationship with clubs. Organising Committee and RFEP President Carmelo Paniagua has stressed: “The WRG are a great opportunity for all clubs in Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain to identify with a world-class event that they will be able to experience outstandingly, either as volunteers or by participating through organisations such as the Roller Sports Council, in which new ideas and suggestions for the improvement of roller sports are discussed”.

Paniagua also underlined: “This is a great opportunity for clubs, a turning point for growth and to attract more fans of new modalities, thereby enriching us as a sport”. The consequences, in this case, will always be beneficial: “Given that it will all lead to an increase in the number of licences and athletes and, in short, to the growth of the roller family so that it can have greater opportunities”. Paniagua concluded: “These objectives are a priority for us and are part of the legacy we want to leave with the WRG”.

Ramon Basiana: “Our challenge is to reach clubs”

The opinion is shared by WRG 2019 Executive Committee and FCP President Ramon Basiana, who also stressed: “The event is an opportunity for clubs to grow and promote themselves in their own surroundings, as well as if they want to grow in new ways and attract new people”.

"This is their great challenge: to adapt to these new surroundings and attract more people, younger groups that can provide freshness and a different point of view to the four more traditional modalities, which are much more clearly defined in terms of structure”, Basiana pointed out.

The FCP President also underlined the eager willingness of these entities: “The clubs have welcomed the event with great enthusiasm, so it is our challenge to reach them and practitioners of the sport, because it is these people we want as volunteers or fans”. “A lot of excitement has been generated because the WRG are an opportunity to create a big splash for this sport. It is very important to be able to showcase it and our showcase is provided by this elite competition”, Basiana added, before concluding: “The WRG may be a turning point for clubs to regenerate themselves, to see the new opportunities that exist and take a giant leap forward”.

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