WRG Barcelona to see the best skaters in action thanks to agreement between World Skate and SLS

April 20, 2018

Barcelona is in luck. In 2019, the Catalan capital will enjoy welcoming the world’s best skaters thanks to a historic agreement recently signed between World Skate, the international federation recognised by the IOC, and Street League Skateboarding (SLS), the most important professional tour.

The new partnership between the two organisations will lead to the creation of a new world skateboarding championship and circuit that will also be qualifying events for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, where skateboarding will finally debut as an Olympic discipline.

Barcelona will be one of the biggest beneficiaries in the short term because of this major agreement, as it guarantees the presence of the best athletes in this discipline at the eagerly awaited World Roller Games 2019. The Catalan capital will therefore be welcoming the best skaters on the planet. This implies a major selling point to attract the general public to one of the major sports events of the year.

The agreement between World Skate and Street League Skateboarding represents the dawning of a new era in skateboarding, where the experience of an international federation and media drive of the leading commercial enterprise in the sector will combine to promote the growth of skateboarding throughout the world. It includes several very defined premises: in-depth work with youngsters (Barcelona has been developing an ambitious plan over the past few months), a massive boost to the women’s category (all events will feature women’s competitions from 2019) and a major commitment to increased professionalization of the sector.

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