Zhang Hao and Sofia Bogdanova, best of their class in Inline Freestyle

July 10, 2019

Inline Freestyle is the last of the 11 disciplines of the World Roller Games 2019 that will go into action. It will do so from tomorrow Thursday and until Sunday at Sant Jordi Club with a group of skaters of the highest level and in which Chinese Zhang Hao and Russian Sofia Bogdanova shine with their own light. 

Zhang Hao has become one of the most iconic figures in skating by combining precision, spectacle and effectiveness in his performances. The Chinese, winner of gold in the World Roller Games of Nanjing 2017, is the current world champion of Inline Freestyle in Classic Slalom and Battle Slalom and he will fight to renew his title again this year in Barcelona.

Zhang Hao became known on a planetary level when in 2015 he was proclaimed triple junior world champion for the second year in a row. His performances around the straight line of cones have been around the world for the precision with which he executes his movements.

His concern then was that high school studies did not interfere with his sports projection. "Studies require a lot of dedication. I will try to adjust my time and I hope to continue competing at the highest level, "he declared after proclaiming for the second year in a row the junior world champion.

Zhang Hao's expectations have been met and his evolution within Inline Freestyle hasn’t stopped growing. At Arnhem World Championships 2018 he won the gold medal in Classic Slalom and Battle Slalom and the Silver Slalom Pairs.

Fans will now have the opportunity to see Zhang Hao in action in Speed ​Slalom, Battle Slalom, Classic Slalom and Classic Slalom races in pairs.

In the female category, the most captivating name for Inline Freestyle fans is the one of Russian skater Sofia Bogdanova, who at 13 is called to mark an era in this discipline and will compete in the junior category of WRG2019.

At her age, Bogdanova has already become a benchmark of Inline Freestyle. Four times champion of the world and nine of Europe, the Russian took the leap to fame three years ago when one of her performances became viral on social networks for her elegance and perfection on the skates.

The Inline Freestyle child prodigy started on skates at only four years old, when she started practising​ figure skating. Three years later, in 2012, she jumped into inline skating because of a sports trip in the Czech Republic with other children. "I really liked what they did with the cones. When I returned, I decided to learn Slalom," she explained.

Since then, the progress of Sofia Bogdanova has been unstoppable. The young Russian has come to Barcelona with the title of world champion in Battle Slalom under her arm, after leaving behind her compatriot Anna Shirnova, her greatest rival in the junior category. Shirnova, nevertheless, relegated her to the second position in the Classic Slalom competition. In Barcelona, ​​faces will be seen again.

PHOTOS: J. Bou, J. Monfort/WRG

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