Zhang Hao’s spectacular Inline Freestyle precision at WRG2019

June 26, 2019

The current Inline Freestyle world champion, China’s Zhang Hao, is set to be one of the great stars that skating fans will be able to view in action at the World Roller Games Barcelona. Zhang Hao won the gold medal at the first edition of the WRG, in the Chinese city of Nanjing in 2017, and has today become one of the most iconic figures in roller skating, combining precision, spectacle and efficiency in his performances.

Zhang Hao became known worldwide in 2015 when he was proclaimed triple junior world champion for the second consecutive year. His performances around a straight line of cones located at a minimum distance have been viewed around the world because of the precision with which he executes his movements.

At the time, his main concern was that his high school studies would not interfere with his sports plans. “School requires a lot of dedication, so I’ll attempt to adapt my time and hope to continue competing at the highest level,” he stated after being proclaimed junior world champion for the second consecutive year.

Zhang Hao’s expectations have been fulfilled and his progress in Inline Freestyle continues unabated. At the Arnhem World Championships in 2018, he won the gold medal in the discipline by beating Japan’s Shibagaki Masayoshi and Italy’s Gaslandi Lorenzo.

But Zhang Hao and his compatriot Ye Hao Qin had to settle for the silver medal in Pairs, with Italy’s Degil Agostini and Gaslandi Lorenzo taking the gold.

Zhang Hao will participate in Speed Slalom, Battle Slalom, Classic Slalom and Classic Slalom Pairs at the World Roller Games 2019.

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