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An opportunity to experience first-hand a great event

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An opportunity to experience first-hand a great event

If you are into SMALL WHEELS and want to participate in a MACRO SPORTS EVENT to experience first-hand the 11 world championships of roller sports that the WRG Barcelona 2019 will bring together, then you have come to the right place.

Our aim is to make the WRG Barcelona 2019 an incredible experience during which everything rolls along smoothly! So fill out this form and send it us to be part of the Roller Team.


  • You only have to be 16 years old on 1 July 2019 to join the ROLLER TEAM.
  • Everyone is welcome and everyone has values and virtues to contribute to the ROLLER TEAM.
  • You will need to participate between 6 and 7 days during an average 6-hour shift.
  • You must list the participation areas and sport disciplines according to your preferences when filling in the registration form. We promise to respect your preferences as much as possible whenever we can.
  • The WRG will be held in various venues, so you can also indicate which you prefer.
  • Please check the event schedule before filling in the form to ensure your availability.
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Description of areas and their volunteering positions.

  • Customer service
    • Accommodate and guide spectators in public stands. Linked to competition schedule.

    Venues: All competition venues connected to each modality.

  • Accreditations (computer skills – languages)
    • Produce, print and deliver accreditations for organisers, athletes, VIPs, press, etc.

    Venues: Main Accreditation Centre in Olympic Stadium.

  • Accommodation (languages)
    • Welcome judges, referees and VIPs at official hotels.

    Venues: Official hotels.

    • Accompany team attachés and liaise between organisers and national delegations.

    Venues: To be determined with assigned delegation.

  • Logistics and Technology
    • Help to distribute sports material.
    • Manage spaces providing food and water.
    • Install computers and desks for press (screens, PCs, etc.).
    • Install and tune TVs.
    • Printer maintenance.
    • System monitoring tasks.

    Venues: All competition and supporting venues.

  • Marketing and Promotion
    • Dynamise roller sports promotional activities.
    • Welcome camp, university and other centre groups.

    Venues: Olympic Esplanade

  • Media (Press and Communication)
    • Attend national and international media.
    • Write brief news items.
    • Create social media content.
    • Photography.

    Venues: Competition venues and Main Press Centre.

  • Protocol and Ceremonies
    • Participate during medal and gift delivery.
    • Prepare logistics and materials for award ceremonies
    • Flags – Medals – Gifts

    Venues: Roaming across all competition venues, but based at Olympic Stadium.

  • Healthcare Services
    • Physiotherapists.

    Venues: All competition venues.

    • Doping control escorts: accompany athletes to doping controls.

    Venues: All competition venues (roaming team based at Doping Control Centre in Olympic Stadium).

  • Volunteer Support
    • Provide support to Volunteer Centre.
    • Help to deliver uniforms and packed meals to volunteers.
    • Photography and management of WRG 2019 volunteer social media.
    • Trained all-rounder volunteers who can cover any position.

    Venues: Olympic Stadium.

  • Transport
    • Welcome participants at airport.
    • People transport (minimum two-year-old, full-point, type-B driving license).
    • Transport information points, car pool management.

    Venues: Olympic Stadium (carpool).